Door Styles for Your Home

Replacing interior doors can have a major impact on the overall aesthetic of a home. They can also help reduce drafts, sound insulation, and energy efficiency.

If your exterior or interior doors are looking worn out, a Door styles Flower Mound TX company can help. From quaint barn doors to elegant French styled entries, there are many different options to choose from.


Modern doors are sleek and simple, allowing Lewisville homeowners to effortlessly elevate their home’s aesthetic. These doors are available in a wide range of materials and finishes, making them an easy fit for a variety of decor styles. They also offer customizable additional features, such as frosted glass panels or custom hardware.

Many Flower Mound residents choose to replace their home’s interior doors in order to upgrade their space and elevate their decor. Whether you’re looking for French doors to create a grand entranceway or specialized doors for bedrooms, bathrooms, or closets, our team of experts can help you find the perfect option. Sidelites for custom doors are narrow windows installed on either side of your door to provide natural light and a clear view of the outdoors.


Your doors say a lot about your home. A warm mahogany double door evokes traditionalism and a sense of homeliness, while glass pane French doors convey a sense of luxury. If the doors in your entryway aren’t delivering the message you want them to, it’s time for an upgrade.

When it comes to front door replacement, your choices include solid wood or hollow core units. The best choice depends on your circumstances and goals. Solid-wood doors are sturdier, but more expensive to install. Hollow-core doors have a plastic or paperboard core and are lightweight. Whether you choose to repair or replace your door is a decision that should be made with the help of professionals.


Adding French doors to your home is more than just an upgrade, it’s a way to bring your home a sense of style and ambiance. Imagine sipping your morning coffee with a view of your lush garden through a set of double French doors, or sitting in a sunny reading nook watching the sunlight filter through a grid of glass panes into your room.

When you choose to go with new French doors for your Flower Mound home, you have the option of choosing either a pre-hung or slab unit. The circumstances and goals of your door installation project generally determine which is the best choice. Whether you’re looking for a traditional aesthetic or something more contemporary, you can complement the design of your doors with different hardware finishes and grille patterns.


Traditionally associated with farm living quarters, barns are large farm buildings for storing grain, hay, and housing livestock. They often have a steep pitch roof to accommodate tall vehicles such as tractors. Barn also refers to a building used for equipment storage, work areas, and activities such as threshing.

Barn doors can be crafted from a variety of materials, from reclaimed wood to sleek metals. Choose a style that complements the overall theme of your home to create a cohesive and visually appealing space.

Replacing interior doors can have a major impact on the look and feel of your home. Your new doors can also add a layer of insulation and help regulate temperature, reduce drafts, and decrease noise levels. Talk to a Your New Door interior door specialist in Flower Mound to learn more about your options.


Sliding doors open easily to allow you to step out onto your patio or deck and close tightly behind you, keeping a tight seal and preventing your indoor climate-controlled air from escaping. Our sliding door styles also come equipped with heavy-duty weather stripping, providing a robust barrier against the elements to keep warmth in during winter and cool air in during summer.

Your home’s entryway says a lot about your personal style and the overall character of your space. From warm, mahogany double doors to glass pane French doors, the right door configuration will make you feel at home every time you step in or out. Whether you’re looking for a modern custom door or something more traditional, our team of experts is here to help.