Door Installation in Flower Mound TX

Your doors say a lot about your home and its style. Whether mahogany double doors evoke traditional homeliness or glass pane French doors convey modern elegance, a beautiful entryway will boost your curb appeal and make your home more welcoming to guests.

However, making any large changes to your home’s doors should be left to experts. Incorrect door installation can put your home’s structural integrity at risk.

Modern Custom Door Collection

Your home’s doors say a lot about your style and personality. A beautiful mahogany double door can evoke an air of traditionalism, while steel doors with glass windows convey modernism. Whatever your personal taste, a great-looking door is an affordable upgrade that can make your home stand out from the rest.

Whether you choose pre-hung or slab units, a residential door company Flower Mound TX can provide you with premium upgrades that complement your home’s aesthetic and security needs. Your New Door is the premier local residential door company Flower Mound homeowners rely on for durable, secure, and stylish upgrades.

Finishing up these two huge reclaimed barn wood sliding doors for a wedding venue in Wylie….they are 12′ tall and 5′ wide each!


Door sidelights, also known as lites, are narrow windows that frame an entry door to provide natural light and give home owners in Flower Mound more unobstructed visibility into their front yards. Often found on exterior doors, they can be combined with transoms or a door surround to create a customized look.

Frosted decorative door glass is a popular option for sidelights because it provides privacy while still allowing natural light into a home. They can be purchased in 1/2 lite, 3/4 lite or full lite sizes and are made from energy efficient glass that helps prevent the early fading of indoor furnishings caused by the sun’s harsh UV rays.

These windows are non-operating and install into a rough opening alongside a single or double door or above a transom. They are available in various glass types, shapes and colors to suit your style.

Glass Panels

Glass panels are flat pieces of clear and frosted glass. They’re commonly used in doors, windows and in other home or commercial projects. They can also be shaped to the design or description that you want for them.

They can be made from safety, toughened or laminated glass. This ensures that they’re four times less likely to break. And if they do break, they’ll be shattered into smaller and safer chunks.

Glass panels are available as pre-hung or slab units. The circumstances and goals of your project will inform which type of unit is better for you. Pre-hung units require less labor to install, as they’re already inserted into the frame. They’re also easier to operate than slab units, as you don’t have to open and close them manually.


Transoms are a decorative element installed above a door. They separate doors from windows found above the door, and they can be shaped like a fanlight. Originally, these windows (named for their semi-elliptical shape similar to that of a fan) were opened to let in fresh summer breezes and natural light.

Today, they’re commonly used to boost a home’s design appeal and add additional light. They’re also often paired with sidelights to create an impactful entranceway.

When paired with sidelights, a transom window can make your entryway appear larger and brighter. And when paired with front doors, they can enhance contemporary designs with nostalgic nods. When not in use, they offer privacy and security. They can be opened and closed with a rod system.


The doors of your home say a lot about your style. Mahogany double doors exude traditionalism, while steel doors convey modernism and simplicity. A well-built door can also boost your home’s curb appeal and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Door installation Flower Mound TX can be an effective way to upgrade your home. However, this project requires professional help from a skilled team. This is because it can cause structural damage if not done properly.

A good home improvement contractor will use the right tools and techniques to ensure your door installation is a success. They will also install the correct hardware and ensure that it functions as intended. They can also repair your existing frames and panels. All you need to do is fill out the form, and we will match you with top-rated pros in your area.