Energy-Efficient Windows Flower Mound TX

Energyefficient windows Flower Mound TX

Energy-efficient windows Flower Mound TX help prevent heated or cooled air from escaping your home, cutting down on heating and cooling costs year-round. They also offer a variety of design options that complement your architectural preferences.

Choose from popular styles like double-hung, casement, and sliding windows with low e glass and thermal breaks to reduce your energy consumption. Pair them with an affordable energy plan from BKVE to maximize your savings.

Double-Hung Windows

If you want to achieve a classic look for your home, double-hung windows are the way to go. They have two operable sashes, giving you versatile airflow options, and they also offer more space efficiency than sliding windows.

These windows are made of two panes of glass that contain an inert gas, which reduces the transfer of heat. This will help you save energy in the hot Texas summers and cut down on your utility bills in the long run.

These windows jut outward to create small shelf areas for plants and decor while flooding interior spaces with natural light. They are great for small houses and apartments.

Casement Windows

The right new windows for your home can add style and finesse while drastically increasing energy efficiency. However, window installation is an intricate process that requires expert remodeling contractors to ensure a lasting solution.

Unlike sliders and double-hung windows that slide horizontally, casement windows open like doors by swinging outward using a crank. This design allows for maximum ventilation and unobstructed views. They also make a great choice for tight spaces like over kitchen sinks.

Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular window glass and shatters into small, harmless pieces when broken, which makes it less likely to injure children or pets. Our window installation service also offers low-emissivity glass for added energy efficiency.

Tilt-Turn Windows

Tilt-turn windows can be opened like doors or tilted inward at the top for ventilation. They are a European design that’s quickly growing in popularity with Flower Mound homeowners.

If you prefer a minimalist look, these windows are perfect for your home. They also offer a range of custom sizes to fit your unique space.

The sash can be opened with a single handle that lets you control airflow, maintain privacy and security, and protect your home from inclement weather. Our UPVC windows come in a variety of colors, including clay and bronze.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are stationary panes of glass that do not open, letting natural light flood living spaces and giving unobstructed views. They’re often installed in kitchens and living rooms to maximize light and views of the outdoors.

They’re also an excellent addition to homes with a Craftsman style or Colonial architecture, complementing their symmetrical and traditional look. Likewise, Victorian-style picture windows add a touch of elegance to Flower Mound homes that embrace the ornate aesthetics of those historic times. Choose from a variety of sizes, frame materials, and styles.

Contemporary Windows

For homeowners in Flower Mound neighborhoods like Canyon Falls, contemporary replacement windows are a great option. They’re perfect for modernizing traditional homes, too. These windows feature sleek frames and are available in colors that blend in with the rest of the home’s exterior.

JELD-WEN is a well-known window brand that offers many energy-efficient options. They balance quality and affordability, making their products accessible to any budget.

Tilt-turn windows are a popular choice for modernizing homes. They’re a European design that can swing inward or tilt at the top for ventilation.

Craftsman Windows

Known for their quality and durability, these windows can be a great option for homeowners in Flower Mound looking to save energy. They’re also easy to maintain, requiring only a few cleanings per year to keep them looking great.

The best way to find a reliable window company is by asking for references and reading online reviews. You should also pay attention to the materials that a company uses. Different frame types have different energy efficiency levels, price points and lifespans.

For example, Renewal by Andersen offers a range of replacement windows and doors made with energy-efficient Fibrex material. They also offer a double lifetime warranty on their windows.

Victorian Windows

During the Victorian era, sash windows were used to display wealth and status. These vertically-opening windows had two panes on top and two on the bottom, with half-round windows above them to add dimension to the house.

Today, these sash windows are popular with homeowners in Flower Mound Farms and Wellington who want to keep their old Victorian houses looking new. They can also be made energy-efficient with vacuum insulated glass.

For a more modern feel, opt for casement windows. These windows hinge at the sides and open outward, allowing for great views and ventilation.