Door Companies Near Me

Door companies near me Flower Mound TX

Your doors say a lot about your home. From rustic barn doors that evoke cottage charm to sleek steel double doors that communicate modernism, the right doors can enhance your home’s curb appeal and value.

If your doors are looking or functioning less than their best, it’s time to consider replacement. Whether you choose pre-hung or slab units, the circumstances and goals of your project will determine which option is best for you.

Your New Door

Your front door is one of the first things visitors notice, and it can have a significant impact on their impression of your home. It’s also an opportunity to make a statement about your personal style and create a unique entryway that enhances the overall look of your house.

In addition, a new door can increase your curb appeal and boost resale value. Choose a beautiful design that speaks to your lifestyle and complements the architectural features of your home. There are countless options available for panel, glass, and grille patterns, as well as sidelites and transom windows.

Over time, your home’s foundation can shift and settle, causing door and window openings to become out of square. It’s important to use a level and check the gaps on all sides of the opening to ensure they are evenly spaced.

Jamb Replacement

Door jambs may seem like a small part of your home, but they play a significant role in ensuring the security and efficiency of your doors. They’re tough against weather damage and provide a solid base for hinges and strike plates.

Whether it’s a rustic barn door with glass panes or a sleek steel double, the doors in your home say a lot about your style and design preferences. And it’s important that the doors are properly installed to ensure they’re both beautiful and functional.

A crooked door jamb is not only unsightly but it can also cause problems with your doors’ performance. To prevent this, it’s best to use a professional door company to replace your door jamb. They’ll be able to take precise measurements and work with the right materials (softwoods are more practical than hardwoods for jambs) to ensure a perfect fit. A perfect fit means no gaps or sags, and a strike plate mortise that’s properly aligned with the door.

Threshold Replacement

Door thresholds serve an important functional purpose, separating flooring materials while preventing drafts and the infiltration of moisture into living spaces. They can be constructed from a variety of materials, ranging from metal to wood. Some require more frequent maintenance to avoid rust or moisture damage, while others may develop a natural patina and require less attention.

When installing new thresholds, consider the flooring materials and thicknesses in the home to ensure that your selection is compatible with existing interior elements. Inspect the threshold regularly for signs of wear or loosening. Address any problems promptly to prevent water, air, and pests from infiltrating the living space.

If you notice squeaks, apply a lubricant to the threshold. This will reduce friction and eliminate squeaks. For optimal performance, seal any gaps around the threshold with caulk or sealant to prevent drafts and moisture from entering the living space. This will help to minimize moisture and mold growth, which can cause damage to interior doors, soffits, and molding.

Garage Door Repair

A faulty garage door can be not only inconvenient but also dangerous. A residential door repair technician can inspect your door and opener motor for problems, such as rusting of metal components or the absence of safety eye sensors or auto-reverse features, and determine whether you need an overhaul of your system, or just a minor repair to replace a broken component.

In addition to repairs, a garage door company can also provide yearly maintenance for your door and its components. An annual check-up can prevent simple issues from becoming major ones, such as a door that is balancing unevenly or a broken spring. Your professional will also scour off any rust that is starting to form, lubricate all moving parts and replace any torn weather stripping.

When you choose a local door company, you support your community and enjoy efficient service. You can also find a company that offers a lifetime warranty on their work.