Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal With New Entry Doors

Your home’s entry door is more than just a beautiful accent piece. It also protects your family from intruders, keeps outside temperatures out, and helps you reduce your energy bills.

Proper front door replacement and maintenance can prolong the life of your doors. It can also help keep your family and possessions safe from unpredictable Texan weather.

Sliding Entry Doors

The front doors of your home say a lot about your personal style. From warm mahogany double doors that evoke a sense of traditionalism to steel doors with rectangular windows that convey a sense of simplicity, the right entryway doors can elevate your home’s curb appeal and add value to your property.

Sliding custom doors in Flower Mound offer sleek designs that add modern style to your home while providing easy access to the outdoors. They easily glide open to let you step out onto your patio, deck, or balcony and close seamlessly behind you to keep outside temperatures and noise from entering your indoor climate-controlled home.

Dutch doors, also called half doors or split doors, provide a cozy way to corral kids and pets in your mudroom or laundry room while still connecting them with the outdoors and washing away muddy footprints. They pair beautifully with door sidelights that allow natural light to flood your entryway while offering a beautiful view of your yard.

Dutch Entry Doors

Often referred to as sidelites, door sidelights offer natural light and a clear view of your front yard while enhancing the aesthetic of your entryway. These narrow windows are available in a wide range of colors, materials and finishes that coordinate well with door surrounds and transoms.

Essentially two half doors joined together, Dutch doors welcome you into your home with a touch of character. From traditional exterior Dutch doors with a country feel to interior barn Dutch doors that cozy up your entrance into your mudroom or laundry room, you can create the perfect look for your home. These unique doors also allow you to feel connected with the outdoors while keeping kids and pets corralled inside. They can even be outfitted with a retractable screen for added functionality and security.

Bi-fold Entry Doors

Whether you have an entryway with limited side clearance or you want to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, bi-fold doors offer a sleek and practical entrance solution. They allow natural light to flood interior living spaces, and they’re available in many design options for your Flower Mound home. Door dealers and installers can help you select, repair or replace bi-fold doors that match your style preferences. IWD also offers louvered entry doors that provide privacy and ventilation.

Louvered Entry Doors

Louver doors offer a unique combination of ventilation and privacy with their shutter-like design. Their slatted pattern allows cool air to circulate and prevents musty smells, making them ideal for closets and bathrooms. They can also be positioned as bi-fold doors in small rooms to maintain ventilation.

Premium wooden louvered doors are available in a range of customization options, including wood species and paint colors. They can also be configured as either fixed or operable, depending on your preferences.

Door sidelites are narrow windows installed on either side of your custom doors, enhancing the look of your home and adding natural light. They are easy to maintain and complement most interior designs. The slatted patterns of louver doors contribute to energy efficiency, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Modern Custom Door Collection

The front door of your home says a lot about your style and character. Rustic barn doors evoke a country cottage vibe while glass pane French doors exude elegance and sophistication. A beautiful front door can also boost your curb appeal and make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

The Heritage Collection from Texas Door & Trim provides made-to-order wood doors that embodies the intricate and thorough carvings of European opulence and old-world craftsmanship. The carved designs are customizable to match your unique taste.

Choosing between a pre-hung or slab door installation depends on your circumstances and goals. Pre-hung units require less work to install because they come with frames and hinges attached to them. On the other hand, a slab door needs to be installed in an existing frame, and requires more work than installing a pre-hung unit.