Types of Window Replacement in Flower Mound TX

Window replacement is one of the most important home improvement projects you can undertake. It can boost both your home’s aesthetic appeal and your comfort level.

Look for a company with a solid track record and robust warranties. Also, make sure they offer a variety of window types and materials.


Problems like foggy windows and high energy bills are a result of old window glass that can’t withstand the elements. Replacing your windows with new ones is an easy way to fix these issues and make your home more stylish.

JELD-WEN offers replacement windows that balance cost and quality. Their aluminum and fiberglass frames are durable, and their window styles adapt to current design trends.

Craftsman style windows are perfect for Flower Mound neighborhoods with a country-like feel. Their intricate grid patterns help you create a beautiful visual statement in your home. Polywood plantation shutters are a great choice for homeowners looking to boost their energy-efficiency. These Dallas window treatments conserve hot and cold air, which helps you save up to $1200 on your annual energy bills.


If your house has an older window style, a replacement can give it a fresh look. Angi’s certified pros can help you choose the best option for your home.

They offer a wide range of windows, including those designed to save energy. Their double- and triple-paned windows block harmful UV rays and fill the spaces between them with argon to boost your home’s insulation.

JELD-WEN’s products balance cost and quality, making them a popular choice among Flower Mound homeowners. Their window installations and repairs are backed by customer service that prioritizes communication and transparency.


In Flower Mound, homeowners are increasingly prioritizing energy efficiency. This is especially true of doors, which play a key role in regulating indoor temperature and preventing energy loss.

Wooden doors offer a classic look that appeals to many homeowners. However, these doors require regular maintenance to ensure durability and long-lasting beauty.

JELD-WEN provides quality windows with a range of features to suit different homeowners’ preferences. The brand’s offerings include both double- and triple-pane options, which can reduce home energy bills by limiting heat loss.

Unlike window repairs, which involve replacing the glass only, full replacements replace the entire window and door frame. These are ideal for Flower Mound homeowners seeking a dramatic renovation.


Double-hung windows are a popular choice for Flower Mound homeowners who want a combination of function and style. They can swing open like a door or tilt in at the top for ventilation, and they’re available with a variety of glass options.

Choosing window replacement brands that prioritize energy efficiency can help you save money and stay comfortable during hot Texas summers. Brands like Andersen and JELD-WEN offer a variety of energy-efficient window options.

Insert installation involves fitting new replacement windows into an existing frame, which is often a quicker and cheaper option than full replacement. However, it doesn’t provide the same reinforcement or improvement in energy efficiency as a full replacement.


The simplest type of replacement window, slider windows open horizontally and typically have two panes with one moveable side. Suitable for contemporary homes in Flower Mound, this style provides ample light and ventilation to rooms without the need for bulky frames or sills.

Sliding windows require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. Due to frequent opening and closing, the weather stripping may need re-application more frequently than casement-style windows.

Homeowners interested in maximizing energy efficiency should look for sliding windows with an insulating Low-E coating and argon gas insulation. These options are more efficient than traditional windows, and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs in Flower Mound.


While window repair can be an affordable option for Flower Mound homeowners, the best way to address problems like leaking windows, fogging between glass panes and high energy costs is through full replacement. While these upgrades are pricier, they also provide more lasting solutions.

Look for a company that uses quality materials, offers a range of style options and provides comprehensive warranty coverage. A reputable local provider will also have extensive experience in installing all kinds of windows for Flower Mound homes.

JELD-WEN windows are popular among many Flower Mound homeowners thanks to their balance of cost and performance. They feature a sleek design and are highly durable against weather elements.

New Construction

When building a new home or undergoing major renovations, new construction window installation is the best option. It involves fitting the windows into their frames, so your home gets a fresher look and more insulation from the elements.

These are a popular choice for Flower Mound homes with modern design trends, offering minimalistic features and energy-efficient functionality. They have two operable sashes, so you can open them inward like doors or tilt them at the top for ventilation.

Energy-efficient replacement windows reduce your electric bills by keeping the indoor temperature stable. They also prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home, helping to protect you and your family.