Window Installation in Flower Mound TX

Whether you have old windows that detract from your home’s curb appeal or high energy bills, window replacement can be the answer. Look for a company that offers trusted brand windows with an emphasis on energy efficiency.

JELD-WEN’s Energy Star windows are an excellent choice for homeowners in Flower Mound that want to save on utility costs. The company also provides a variety of window styles to fit any budget.

Casement Windows

Window installation is a home improvement project that offers a variety of benefits. It increases the value of your home, reduces energy costs and protects against moisture. It also helps with air ventilation. High-quality replacement windows are also aesthetically appealing and can enhance the curb appeal of your house. Window contractors in Flower Mound specialize in a wide range of eye-catching styles. They can replace traditional windows that look dated and make your home seem old-fashioned.

The main components of a window include a box frame, grilles that hold the glass and locking mechanisms. There are several types of sashes, including double-hung and casement. The former has two movable panes, and the latter opens vertically or horizontally using a crank mechanism. Both types can be cleaned from inside the home. They also limit the penetration of ultraviolet light, which causes deterioration in various items such as paintings, carpets and gadgets. In addition, they provide insulation to the home.

Double-Hung Windows

With double-hung windows, you can open the top or bottom sash to let in airflow and provide ventilation. This window style can be a great choice for Flower Mound homes that require versatility, such as those in older neighborhoods like Canyon Falls or the Wellington area.

JELD-WEN double-hung windows feature an energy efficiency rating that helps homeowners in Flower Mound save money on their utility bills. These windows are also available in a variety of frame and grid patterns that complement any home design.

Modern replacement windows offer a sleek look that can fit well with contemporary homes in Flower Mound, including those in the newer neighborhoods of Bridlewood and Wellington. They also come in neutral frame colors that adapt to changing design trends. For homes in traditional neighborhoods, such as the Canyon Falls area, craftsman style replacement windows can make a statement with their intricate details. They are available in wood and vinyl options.

Tilt-Turn Windows

Tilt-turn windows are hinged at the bottom like a casement and open inward from the top. This dual functionality gives you the option to control how much ventilation you want based on weather, cooking odors, or other factors. They’re popular among homeowners seeking a modern European design, and we’re proud to offer them in Flower Mound.

When choosing a window company, check online reviews and certifications. Look for a reputable window brand like Andersen, Pella, or Marvin that offers a full range of windows and services, including repair, maintenance, and replacement. You may also consider a company that’s an authorized dealer or installer of that particular brand, which ensures you receive quality products and installation.

Energy efficiency is another key factor to consider. Ask your window contractor about options like Low-E glass, argon gas filling, and Energy Star certification that can lead to significant savings on your energy bills. This will help you make a smart investment in your Flower Mound home for years to come.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are a window type that protrudes from your house’s frame, giving homeowners a chance to enjoy natural light and the outside view. They’re often used in living rooms across Flower Mound and North Richland Hills, and they can create a focal point in the room.

Energy-efficient picture windows can help you cut down on your home’s energy bills. They’re known to reduce heat and cool air loss, resulting in lower electricity costs. Additionally, they can block out harmful UV rays, which help preserve the life of carpets and furniture in your home.

If you’re looking for picture windows that balance cost and quality, consider JELD-WEN. This company offers a variety of windows, including replacement units that are compatible with your existing frames. It also has a selection of window colors, styles and sizes to match your home’s aesthetic. You can learn more about the company’s pricing information by requesting a quote on its website.