Why Choose Vinyl Windows Flower Mound TX?

Vinyl windows Flower Mound TX

If you have old windows that are letting in the cold or hot air, you can save money and enjoy peace of mind with vinyl replacement windows. These windows are energy efficient, which reduces your electricity bill significantly.

The company offers Energy Star windows, with spaces between double-panes filled with argon gas. Price information isn’t available on the website, but you can request a quote online.


The main reason why vinyl windows are a popular choice for homeowners is their durability. Unlike steel or wood, they won’t rust or rot. They also don’t require painting or other upkeep.

Moreover, they have the ability to block out outside noise. This feature makes it possible for you to have a good night’s sleep. They also help you save money on energy bills. The lower U-factor of vinyl windows means that less heat or cool air will be lost through the window.

Besides white and tan, you can get vinyl windows in various colors such as clay, bronze, and black. American Window Systems (AWS) offers these options with their co-extruded and thermally fused processes. This technique makes the frames resistant to warping and fading from the Texas sun and heat. Additionally, they are available with a lifetime limited warranty. This makes them a great option for new construction or replacement projects. AWS also offers a variety of window styles and configurations.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are one of the most energy-efficient window options available. They don’t lose heat like aluminum or wood, and their insulating properties improve as they age. They also feature a variety of color options that help you find the right fit for your home.

Choosing the right window will save you money in the long run, and it will also increase your home’s value. A new window replacement is a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal, and vinyl windows can make it look even better.

American Window Systems has a wide selection of vinyl window styles and colors. They can work with homeowners on a replacement project or with builders on new construction. They also offer a lifetime limited warranty on their products. This company is one of the largest suppliers in the country and offers a number of Energy Star certified options. Its website does not display prices, but you can request a quote online.

Low Maintenance

Many homeowners choose Vinyl windows Flower Mound TX for their durability and low maintenance. They can be easily cleaned and do not warp, rot or crack due to exposure to harsh sunlight and outdoor elements. They are also scratch resistant.

Another great feature of vinyl windows is their energy efficiency. They can reduce your energy bills by preventing cool or hot air from escaping your home. They have a lower U-factor, meaning they transfer heat slower than other window types. This is important during the Dallas Fort-Worth summer season, as the heat can increase your cooling costs.

Additionally, they can be a great addition to green homes. They can be installed with double or triple low-E glass and argon in between, which helps to reduce the amount of energy you use for heating and cooling. This energy savings can help you qualify for a tax credit. However, it is important to find a professional contractor for your green home remodeling project. They have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your replacement windows are effective.


In addition to the energy efficiency benefits, vinyl windows are affordable compared to other types of replacement windows. They are also durable and provide great value for the money that you invest in them. This makes them an ideal choice for homeowners that are on a budget or want to improve the look of their home.

Another feature of these new windows is that they are a safer option than traditional windows. They have dual locking systems that make it difficult for burglars to break into a house. This is a big benefit for people with young children and elderly family members living in their homes.

Lifetime Windows and Siding is a replacement window dealer that North Texas homeowners depend on for top quality products, reliable service and a stress-free experience. They offer Infinity Ultrex fiberglass options that are backed by lifetime glass breakage and installation warranties as well as a no fogging warranty.